Table 3

Technical, thermal, and geometrical characteristics of the battery LF173F163B.

Format Prismatic
Type of the cell battery LiFePO4
Nominal capacity (1C) 163 Ah
Nominal voltage 3.2 V
Internal resistance (1 kHz, AC) 0.8 mΩ
Life cycle (charging CC/CV@1C & discharging CC @ 1C, 100 DOD, 25 °C ± 2 °C 80% of rate maximum capacity) ≥4000
Energy density 172.1 Wh/kg
Weight 3.03 kg
Operating conditions
Maximum constant charging current 163 A
Maximum constant discharging current 244.5 A
Charging cut-off voltage 3.65 V
Discharging cut-off voltage 2.5 V
Recommended SOC usage window 5–95%
Charging temperature 0–60 °C
Discharging temperature −30 °C–60 °C
Storage temperature within 1 month −20 °C–45 °C
Storage temperature within 1 year −20 °C–25 °C
Width 174.0 mm
Thickness 36.5 mm
Height 220 mm

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