Science and Technology for Energy Transition (STET) - À paraître

  • NACA 2412 Airfoil based Method for Design and Aerodynamic Analysis of Small HAWT using Modified BEM Approach
    Devashish Jha and Saket Saurabh
    Accepted: 24/11/2022
  • Evaluation of CO2 enhanced oil recovery and CO2 stroage potential in oil reservoirs of petroliferous sedimentary basin, China
    Feiyin Wang, Pengtao Wang, Xiaoyan Wang, Mao Xu, Yang Zhang, Haifeng Wang, Xi Wu, Dangke Ge and Yan Zheng
    Accepted: 22/11/2022
  • Performance and Emission Characteristics of Salviniaceae Filiculoides Aquatic Fern Oil and SiO2 Nanoadditive Biodiesel in CI Engine
    Kannan Thurairaj Rajeswari and Sheeju Selva Roji Selvadas
    Accepted: 15/11/2022