Science and Technology for Energy Transition (STET) - Forthcoming

  • Examination of a CI engine running on poppy seed oil biodiesel/n-pentanol/diesel fuel blends in respect of thermodynamic and economic perspectives
    Murat Kadir Yesilyurt, Hayri Yaman, Gamze SALTAN, Battal DOGAN and Selcuk SARIKOC
    Accepted: 24/11/2023
  • AC motor impedance predictive modeling methodology taking into account windings variability
    Arthur Piat, Pierre-Etienne Lévy, Sami Hlioui, François Costa and Sebastien Serpaud
    Accepted: 22/11/2023
  • Carbonates thermal decomposition kinetics and their implications in using Rock-Eval® analysis for carbonates identification and quantification
    Francois Baudin, Nicolas Bouton, Adrien Wattripont and Xavier Carrier
    Accepted: 20/11/2023
  • Foam placement for soil remediation: Scaling foam flow models in heterogeneous porous media for a better improvement of sweep efficiency
    Frederic Douarche, Benjamin Braconnier and Bernard Bourbiaux
    Accepted: 10/11/2023
  • Multi-Material Topology Optimization of a Flux Switching Machine
    Théodore Cherrière, Sami Hlioui, Luc Laurent, François Louf, Hamid Ben Ahmed and Mohamed Gabsi
    Accepted: 08/11/2023
  • A State-of-the-Art on Artificial Intelligent Techniques in Daylighting Controller: Models & Performance
    Sheryl Grace Colaco , Susan G Varghese*, Ciji Pearl Kurian and Sanjeev Kumar T M
    Accepted: 08/11/2023
  • Investigating cyclopentane hydrates nucleation and growth using microfluidics
    Peyman Dehghani, Anne Sinquin, Nicolas Gland, Anh Minh Tang and Estublier Audrey
    Accepted: 06/11/2023
  • Adaptive Deadbeat Predictive Control for PMSM-based Solar-Powered Electric Vehicles with Enhanced Stator Resistance Compensation
    Marwa BEN SAID-ROMDHANE, Sondes Skander-Mustapha and Ramzi Belhassen
    Accepted: 06/11/2023
  • Improving the efficiency of solar-driven trigeneration systems using nanofluid coolants
    Bader Alshuraiaan
    Accepted: 04/09/2023
  • Study on structural design and hydrodynamic response law of new floating wind power fishery integration
    Jiangfeng ZHU, Yuguang CAO, Yuanyuan LIU, Chenyi REN and Qiankun ZHAO
    Accepted: 29/08/2023