Call for Papers - Topical Issue on "Characterization and modeling of the subsurface in the context of ecological transition"

The subsurface fulfills specific functions within the framework of the ecological transition. It is a storage space at different time horizons (CO2, H2, biogas, etc.), it is a source of geothermal energy and metals from hydrothermalism, it is also a strategic area because it contains a large part of drinking water reserves. Its sustainable exploitation requires an adaptation of methods, methodologies and skills in subsurface sciences. This STET special issue brings together a set of articles presenting research work devoted to methods and tools for characterizing and modeling the subsurface in the context of a sustainable use of this strategic area.

Guest Editors

Dr. Yannick Peysson
IFPEN, Rueil-Malmaison, France

Dr. Jacques Pironon
Université de Lorraine, Nancy, France